Our purpose

To share stories! I’ve been writing since I was a small child in the 80s (not to be shared) into teenager years during the 90s (doubly not to be shared) all the way to today!

What I write: Mostly I write fantasy, science fiction, and other speculative genres; sometimes I write scary, not-quite-horror, thrillers, mysteries, and crime; occasionally I write humor, coming-of-age, literary and general fiction, poetry… pretty much anything.

Do you write? You think your own writing would provide a good break from mine? Or mesh right in with it seamlessly? Drop me a query in an email. But first! Visit my guidelines.

Who am I?

A guy from Maryland, living in Colorado, who knows water and writing. I live with my wife and three kids and three dogs and a house near a park and it’s very Murica, isn’t it? I like to hike, experience nature, see mountains and waterfalls, pet dogs, read books, watch movies and shows, listen to music, and lots of other normie things.

Hey, so I’m not too interesting. Maybe that’s why I write things that interest me. Fantastic worlds, intrigue, mystery, wonder, and at least a dash of drama. Just to keep it… interesting.

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